Technology for Flexspace

Taught by: Matthew Woestehoff, Director of Business Development at Foundation Technologies


You may think you know how to run a space but we can assure you that coworking and flex space are different from traditional real estate. The business is complex and so are the systems to run it. Let’s talk about where to invest and where to tread lightly.

The objective of this session is for you to leave with a clear understanding of the product roadmap for flexible space. You will have a good understanding on where to invest and how to pick the right technology for your business. We will also cover the pit falls, “gotchas” and areas we wish we would have guidance when building out our own spaces. This is an in depth one. We will discuss software, hardware, maintenance, security, monitoring, documentation, planning, wifi strength and more. Come prepared to take notes (and adjust your tech budget)

About the Expert

This course will be taught by Matthew Woestehoff, the Director of Business Development and Engineering teams at Foundation Technologies. Foundation Technologies is a single-source IT services provider that delivers value, expertise and trust. They are here to help so that you can get back to billable work. Their certified techs keep your devices in check and your network in shape. Matt and his team have helped outfit a number of coworking & flexspaces(many that you are probably familiar with).

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$250.00 USD