April 9-11 Salt Lake City Rice-Eccles Stadium 451 1400 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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GCUC brings together decision-makers and game-changers in the coworking and flexible workspace industry. This unique conference experience is packed with expert insights, visionary conversations, educational programming, breakouts, opportunities for connection and a showcase of industry-leading partners. Join us as we shape the future of work, together.

Day 1

The first day will consist of two tracks. One for the newcomers and one for the veterans. For the newcomers, we walk you through the fundamentals of flex- sessions designed to give you a foundation to build and operate a profitable space. For the seasoned pros, we have a series of “mastermind” sessions geared towards leveling up your current business and operational strategy.

Day 2

The second day is our juicy mainstage day. This is our day of anything but standard …thought provoking, educational and future of work shaping content. The first two days will also include a partner showcase, where you can learn about the latest offering from software to furniture and more.

Day 3

The third day is our ‘choose your own adventure’ format. We offer sessions, demos, space tours and social programming at various spaces and venues across the stunning backdrop of the city of Salt Lake City.

The countdown to GCUC North America has begun!

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Why should you be at GCUC NA?

The magic of GCUC is that we have everyone from coworking newbies, industry experts, 10+ year veteran operators, VC’s, investors and real estate giants in the room. The diverse crowd is what makes the conversations engaging and why people keep coming back year after year.

It is our goal to help support and grow the industry while making sure you are constantly learning, growing, and evolving your business. We are the place where you come to learn what is going on within the industry and how you future proof your business. You will meet leaders like you or unlike you, and have breakthrough conversations and make connections that will propel the future of work.

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I love the collaboration and connection that exists among the majority of the attendees. You are learning or helping others at every hour of the conference. There’s so much to learn from the independent spaces that are making it without the big corporate backup.


GCUC Attendee

I am an aspiring owner and I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from GCUC! I will be attending next year, hopefully sharing my success story. Thank you for all the work that you put into making this an amazing experience.


GCUC Attendee

What wasn't to love? I am so grateful for seeing familiar faces in person, new connections being made, laughter, learning, fun, memories made, community, amazing food, touring, karaoke, dancing... the list goes on! My network of friends and business opportunities expanded immensely, which is really cool in an industry that is so invested and supportive of community over competition, as well as mutual success.


GCUC Attendee

The friendly, laid-back energy of the conference made connecting with others way easier, even though the content and schedule were packed. A great balance between information and networking!


GCUC Attendee

The right people, the content, the partners and the sharing.


GCUC Attendee

Great attendees, knowledgeable panels and a fun atmosphere.


GCUC Attendee

Possible to make real connections, everybody is sharing their knowledge.


GCUC Attendee

The connections, the value from the workshops, and the confidence you get from being around other humans doing this very specific thing is inspiring.


GCUC Attendee


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If you’re looking to connect with the coworking/flexible workspace industry look no further. This is where the doers and dreamers come to connect but it’s not just these magical folks it’s also the real estate players looking to enter this industry. From the investor that owns one building to some of the largest REITS in the world. GCUC is as unique as our name and we don’t play by the normal rules. Our sponsorships are as bespoke as you want them to be.

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