Evolution of the unconference: Introducing Roundtables

By Stormy McBride On March 25, 2024 In CommunityGCUC North America

Over 11 years ago, GCUC was born from a meetup at SXSW, embracing the ethos of an “unconference” where attendees shaped the agenda through suggesting and voting on topics that served them. This approach initially thrived, fostering open discussions and community-driven dialogue.

However, as GCUC expanded, the unconference format encountered limitations. Some of the sessions lacked subject matter expertise, resulting in conversations (valuable) but often leaving attendees seeking actionable solutions. Recognizing the need for evolution, we tabled the unconfernece and began to reimagine our event while staying true to our community-curated roots.

Introducing Roundtables: the modern solution to foster engaging and insightful discussions at GCUC.

This year, we’re introducing 10 curated topics derived from community requests. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose from these topics and participate in roundtable discussions led by subject matter experts. The format allows for small group interactions, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and providing ample opportunity for meaningful exchanges.

To accommodate diverse schedules and interests, each roundtable will be held multiple times throughout the event, allowing attendees to join discussions of their choice at their convenience.

By incorporating Roundtables into GCUC, we aim to combine the best elements of community-driven dialogue with expert-led insights, creating an environment where attendees can not only engage in open conversation but also walk away with actionable takeaways and solutions.

Join us at GCUC this year as we embrace this modern approach to conference discussions and pave the way for meaningful connections and collaboration within the coworking community.

The roundtables are brought to you by the team at Coworks who are all in on helping coworking spaces of all sizes thrive. You can learn more about them here or by stopping by their booth at GCUC Salt Lake. Deshawn Brown, the Founder will be hosting a round table of his own. Pop by and say hello.

Tickets to GCUC can be acquired at na.gcuc.co