GCUC Salt Lake City Highlights

By Stormy McBride On April 18, 2024 In Future of WorkGCUC USAGCUC North America

GCUC Salt Lake City was a hit if we do say so ourselves.

If you were not one of the lucky ones to join us in Utah, you missed out on a heck of a time. Below are some takeaways from the event.

Get to know your brokers
38% of Total Transaction Value was driven by online and local brokers at Serendipity Labs in 2023.

People buy from people
On that same note, get to know not only your brokers but members, vendors, neighbors, and more. People buy from those that they have a personal connection with.

Events in your space fall into one of three categories. Paid, partnered or produced.
Paid- someone is paying your team to use the space and are putting it on themselves
Partnered- you are donating the space (maybe other resources) for a third party to host an event
Produced- everything is in house from the concept to execution. This one is all on you and your team

Oops closets are needed
Stock a closet (or a bin if you are tight on space) with everything one could need should an office opps happen. Tide to go stick, safety pins, hot glue gun, super glue, hair tie, hair spray, mouth wash, wrapping paper, you name it. It’s a small thing but can turn a sad situation around. From the team at The Shop.

Non traditional coworking is on the rise
Coware housing, wellness & spa, coliving, medical, social club, female focused, even centric and more all in attendance sharing their perspectives. Keep your eye on the niche market.

It is fully possible to run “GCUC” on a football field
Shlomo, Kane, and the crew hosted an AM workout that was truly GCUC. Ever run lines? They ran the GCUC letters. There’s a Strava map and everything.

Mullet meeting
Business all day, party all night. An after hours event meant to draw the community together, after work and encourage them to have a little fun. – From the team at Salt Mine

Dynamic pricing has made its way to the coworking world
Hotels made it mainstream and now coworking is implementing it on their “perishables”. If an office or space is not used, the revenue is lost so now we capitalize on opportunities to monetize the space during surge and surplus.

Vari, GCUC and Kiln know how to throw a party
If you know you know. If you don’t- see the reel on instagram @GCUCGlobal It was a good time. I mean, a robot DJ, truffle fries and a shot ski. How could it not be?

Utilize Aggregators and Online Marketplaces
Being lised in more places drives more awareness (the “billboard effect”). Get your space on them ASAP.

NPS scores are not the end all be all
While they are great indicators of performance, they are not the only data you need to drive innovation. Just ask Anna from Industrious.

You are not competitors, you are collaborators
At the top we are working together. At the bottom, they are competing. Keep that in sight.

Want more nuggets from the conference? Join the GCUC Community to download the speaker slides.

Next up: GCUC Manchester on June 6 & 7th. You can get tickets here and use the code GMEBR10 for a discount. We hope to see you there.