10 takeaways from the GCUC AU Webinar on Flexible Workspaces Post COVID-19

By Stormy McBride On May 18, 2020 In CoworkingGCUC AustraliaGCUC WebinarsCOVID-19

AU Webinar takeaways

Our GCUC Australia Webinar on May 8, 2020 was a smash hit and delivered some great conversations. Brad Krauskopf – CEO & Founder at Hub Australia was joined by Naomi Tosic – Co-founder at The Office Space, Sami Schiavi – Flexible Workspace Specialist at Colliers International, Clive Dale – Founder & Principal Consultant at Bioom, and Philip Windus – Partner at Deloitte Australia.

Here are 10 of the most thought-provoking quotes from our webinar:

  1. “Every job is essential if you have a job.” -Naomi Tosic, Co-founder at The Office Space
  2. “Flexibility is the true currency.” –Philip Windus, Partner at Deloitte Australia.
  3. “Consider renaming your meeting rooms “video conference rooms” – that is what corporate will search for and look for” -Liz Elam: GCUC Founder
  4. “Don’t undervalue the power of community and what humans are craving.” -Tobi Skovron, CEO at CreativeCubes.Co
  5. “Physical spacing is unlikely to last but enhanced visible hygiene will be an ongoing action.” -Gregor Davie, General Manager at Pacific Hotel Cairns
  6. “We can’t underestimate the duty of care that landlords and employers have to their staff.” -Sami Schiavi, Flexible Workspace Specialist at Colliers International
  7. “Speak with every single one of your tenant groups and understand what they’re doing and anything they want you to do, do it. No matter how expensive it is no matter how silly it may sound, do it. Because this is not just a medical issue it’s also about how people feel…those over steps will give them comfort to be able to participate more actively in the workforce.” -Clive Dale, Founder & Principal Consultant at Bioom
  8. “If you think you’re going overboard with the decals and laminated stickers everywhere, you’re not. More is more in this case. It’s going to be all about the details to make people feel comfortable to come back to work.” -Sami Schiavi, Flexible Workspace Specialist at Colliers International
  9. “Confidence now almost has to be the number 1 vaccine to bringing the country back into good health at a society level.” -Philip Windus, Partner at Deloitte Australia.

Lastly, an important quote from the CEO & Founder at Hub Australia, Brad Krauskopf:

“There seems to be this misconception that coworking spaces and flexible spaces are risky in this post COVID world. But we all know that the cellular nature of how we’ve set up our spaces with all the meeting rooms and offices means that there’s actually more ability to separate people in a coworking space than there is in a big open plan space on a big floor in a corporate.

If you missed out, the GCUC AU May 2020 Webinar can be viewed in membership.

*Some quotes were edited for clarity.