Our Team

It takes a dedicated and passionate team to make GCUC unconferences happen around the globe.

Liz Elam


Liz Elam has built a career—and a thriving business—on the tenet that working one’s way up from the bottom instills tenacity, creates resilience and develops overall excellence. That belief, blended with an innovative spirit and a competitive yet collaborative drive, has propelled her to the forefront of the coworking movement.

She is the founder of the largest coworking conference in the world, Liz has led the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) from inception to its current incarnation, expanding from the US to South America, China, Canada, UK, Latin America and Australia along the way. She is a partner in the Deco Group a coworking consultancy.

Liz boldly forayed into the entrepreneurial world in 2010, founding Link Coworking in Austin, Texas when there were just four coworking spaces in Austin, now there are over 70. Liz expanded Link to 3 locations and when Liz sold Link Coworking to Common Desk in the spring of 2019 it was the 4th largest in Austin. She is the first woman in the world to successful exit her brand in the Coworking industry.

Stormy McBride

Stormy McBride


Stormy entered the coworking world back in 2015 after working in the event industry throughout college. With her love of organization and event planning coupled with her project management skills, she entered the industry as an intern and never left.

Since her start in the industry, Stormy has served as a community manager then general manager to the Link Coworking locations in Austin Texas. On from there she became the producer for GCUC USA.

Stormy now serves as the Director of Operations for GCUC Global, managing events in the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Latin America and China day in and day out.

She is most in her element when she is working with teams across the globe to create impactful event experiences that help support the coworking industry.

Emilie Lashmar headshot

Emilie Lashmar

GCUC UK Event Producer

As a founding member of the PLATF9RM team, Emilie led the brand, marketing & creative development since its inception in 2016. She has vast knowledge and understanding of generating and establishing communities and how to nurture them. She has spent the last 7 years immersed in coworking, the future of work and purpose-led business.

As the new Event Producer of GCUC UK, Emilie’s mission is to bring together diverse leaders and decision-makers that are pushing boundaries in the flexible workspace sector. She hopes to continue the evolution of the industry by delivering inspiring content and a space to learn. She loves nothing more than creating opportunities for businesses and individuals to thrive and building collaborative communities.