About GCUC

GCUC is a global coworking community rooted in 30-plus conferences and gatherings around the world.

Since GCUC’s start in 2012 we have hosted over 8000 attendees throughout 30 conferences across the globe.

What began as the global coworking unconference conference has grown into a game-changing organization at the intersection of real estate, technology, wellness and the future of work. We’re here to show you what comes next.

The “GCUC” experience is made up of three jam packed days full of keynotes, an unconference, networking, panel sessions, group dinners as well as a fabulous trade show expo. One can expect to encounter a diverse group of people that have come from far and wide. We often hear that GCUC is like no other conference you will ever attend. There is a palatable energy that is unique to GCUC. Game changers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, coworking enthusiasts and real estate visionaries come together to understand this exceptional global trend.