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Coworking Podcast episode 44

Claire Carpenter – Founder and CEO at The Melting Pot: Scotland’s Center for Social Innovation

In this episode, Liz Elam interviews Claire Carpenter, founder and CEO of The Melting Pot – Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation. We explore the motivations guiding the genius behind the first coworking space in Scotland, the accelerating trajectory of coworking and the human ecology driving it all. Claire discusses the highs and lows that are plaguing us all, taking care of oneself and keeping the balance to persevere. Enjoy the conversation!

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Coworking Podcast episode 43

Reeves Wiedeman

In this episode, Liz Elam interviews Reeves Wiedeman, contributing editor at New York Magazine and author of Billion Dollar Loser….

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Coworking Podcast episode 38

Steve King

Steve King is one of the preeminent researchers in the coworking movement. Having conducted extensive study into the future of…

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