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Coworking Podcast 50

Liz Elam – Founder at GCUC Global: The Past, Present & Future of Flexible Workspace

From the executive suites of the 1960s, the business centers of the 1980s, to the coined named “coworking” of 1999 – our industry has steadily grown with a continued focus on community and collaboration. The pandemic brought on the largest WFH experiment of all time and was the tipping point coworking needed to be fully embraced by the real estate market as flexible workspace. Work from home, work from anywhere, hub and spoke, or hybrid – it doesn’t matter what you call it because workers decide where they want to work. Join Liz Elam, founder at GCUC Global, as she dives into where our industry started, where it is now, its escalated trajectory, and the major players you should be watching.