10 Things You Get With A GCUC Membership

By Stormy McBride On May 27, 2021 In AmenityOtherCoworkingCommunityGCUC Membership

GCUC Community Membership

The GCUC Community membership gives coworking & flexspace operators the tools & resources they need to work less & spend more time in their spaces, with their members.

Here are 10 GCUC benefits you can collect immediately!

  1. An invaluable resource library with templates, best practices, agreements, contracts & more.
    *We know you are all looking for management agreements right now. Those are in there too.
  2. Access to the member only slack group where we share news, best practices, pandemic pitfalls, childcare, design, technology inclusivity and so much more.
  3. Discounts on software, hardware, products and services specific to coworking and flexspace. You know, the expensive stuff you need to run your space.
  4. Access to curated deals and discounts you can pass along to your members. (Think Hotels, Apple & Microsoft products, etc.)
  5. Deeply discounted tickets to GCUC events globally.
  6. Video archives of past events, in person and online.
  7. Up to 50% off enterprise level benefits on payroll, HR, healthcare and more
  8. Access to the GCUC places, an international network of spaces that you and your members can travel between at a discounted rate.
  9. Connection to industry experts, other operators & the GCUC crew 24/7/365. (Not just at events)
  10. Access to member only events, monthly.


Don’t have a GCUC Community Membership yet? No big deal, let’s get you started.

To activate your free trial of the GCUC Community membership click here & use the code LEVELUP to get started. This will give you free access for 30 days. Two weeks after signup, you will receive an email where you can opt out if you aren’t feeling it, otherwise we will assume you are here to take a drink from the fire hose.

Join the GCUC Community

We’ve been in your shoes and we know that the industry is ever changing. To truly get your space & community where you want it, it’s going to be an ongoing learning process. We suggest you hop right in, take a look around, and find one thing you can implement immediately.

See you inside.