2020 Taught Us to Dig Deeper

By Stormy McBride On December 29, 2020 In CoworkingSustainabilityCommunityRetrospective

Photo of flower growing through crack

As we head into the new year we gathered this year’s highs and lows and wanted to share. While this year was really rough, it was also monumental.

This year we…

  • Booked the largest venue we have ever had in the history of GCUC then did away with it
  • Postponed more events in 8 months than we have in 8 years
  • Transitioned all in person events to virtual events for the safety of our community
  • Hosted our first ever fully virtual conference & Unconference experiences
  • Downsized our operations team
  • Took operations back to the US for the UK & Canada
  • Exited China for now
  • Took a loss on a full years worth of revenue

But we also …

  • Returned to our why
  • Got closer to our partners
  • Leaned into our community and deepened our relationships online
  • Put our expertise to work in a truly meaningful way
  • Built a shared network of international spaces
  • Hosted our first online APAC event
  • Co-created workspace dividers
  • Took part in the world’s largest work from home global experiment
  • Spent countless hours rethinking & redesigning our systems
  • Reformatted our podcast and had Liz take over the interviews
  • Connected with international friends on a regular basis
  • Read more books
  • Re-evaluated which social media platforms we spend our time on
  • Created more content & expanded our resource library
  • Took more walks
  • Reprioritized our health and wellness as a team

2020 was difficult for sure but it gave us the time and ability to refocus our priorities both professionally and personally. It gave us the time to do the things we dreamed of but “didn’t have time” to. It forced us to be more intentional and to leave our comfort zone. Systems that worked but were not efficient had to go and our complacency was replaced by productivity. It forced us to look inward, do some personal development work, focus on our mental health and cultivate better relationships. 2020 challenged us but truth be told, we are better for it.

No regrets,
Liz & Stormy