6 Easy, inexpensive surprise and delight ideas your coworking members

By Liz Elam On August 26, 2019 In CoworkingCommunity

Everyone likes a surprise.

Actually strike that, not everyone likes a surprises but almost everyone likes free fun gifts or experiences. As a coworking space owner who is in charge of lots of humans, these “surprise and delight” moments can add up and be costly. We are here to tell you they dont have to be. Check out our budget friendly hacks for community treats.

  1. Mason Jar Trail Mix (lost cost, a little time consuming)
    Go to your local grocery store, make up a fun bulk trail mix. Order up a bunch of these. Include a nice note about keeping your energy up and drop them on everyone’s desk.
  2. Bounce Hour (no cost, not labor intensive)
    Grab a ball (any ball will do) and invite your members to bring their lunch into the conference room and participate in a bounce hour. Whomever has the ball can either answer a question or bounce and idea off the group. Easy to facilitate and it gets your members talking and engaged.
  3. Beat the Summer Heat! (slight cost, med labor)
    Buy ice cream, nuts, bananas, syrups, fluff, candy, paper bowls etc. and invite your members and their kids to an ice cream social on a Friday afternoon. It’s a great way to meet the families and who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer. Bonus points if you get the community involved and either make ice cream together or have them bring their favorite toppings.
  4. Adult Coloring Book (slight cost, low labor)
    Buy some fun coloring books, candy and pens from this link: Or even more budget friendly-design your own coloring page or download some free ones! Place jars of candy and nuts on the table with jars of pen/pencils/ markers etc and let them at it!
  5. Take yourself to lunch (no cost and only an hour out of your day)
    Pick a new restaurant or an area favorite and let all your members know that everyone is going to meet at X place for a group lunch. The title makes it clear that you’re not buying but they will be so happy that someone organized it for them and that they have a reason to step away and connect with others.
  6. Write your members a short note. Handwritten (low cost, time consuming but impactful)
    Much like people like getting snail mail, people like getting notes or words of encouragement. Grab a stack of note cards or even sticky notes and while you are watching tv one evening, write a note to each of your members. Could be a sentence, could be a quote. Drop it on their desk or in their mailbox.