6 things operators need to prepare for the surge in demand

By Stormy McBride On February 14, 2022 In CoworkingCoworking TrendsBeginningsFuture of Work

Post by: Liz Elam

In Austin last week I went to a great coworking space and it was positively buzzing. I loved it. What I didn’t love was that every booth in the kitchen/open area was taken, every phone booth and every meeting room. Record demand is coming your way and you need to prepare for it now!

  1. Consider making your in demand shared amenities bookable so that everyone can use them. I know we hope people will honor our wishes and stick to the stated time frames but in fact, they do not and you don’t need your community manager policing them.
  2. Start looking for additional help now. Who is your next hire? Where will you find them? Do you need to engage a recruiter? If you get someone up to speed now you have time to be more strategic.
  3. Start an internship program. Here at GCUC we have always had interns. It is a great way to get help and teach students new skills. You might even find a candidate for #2 above.
  4. Be on the lookout for your next location or partner. Drive around the area of town you want to put your next space. Maybe it’s even time to buy a building. When you’re on a waitlist it often means it’s time to grow.
  5. Competition is everywhere. Use this opportunity to give your page a critical once over. Are you articulating what is unique about your offering? Everyone has coffee and phone rooms, what sets you apart from the rest?
  6. Increase your prices: its time. We wrote an entire post on this point alone. (it’s here if you missed it)

Does this all overwhelm you? No worries, we can help. In GCUC membership we have resources for each of these points. We also offer a service where we will review your website and make recommendations. Join the community here or simply shoot us an email at [email protected] and let’s get you started!