7 Barriers to Entry: Coworking Sales Edition

By Liz Elam On December 3, 2021 In CoworkingCoworking Trends

We’ve all heard about how people want fewer barriers to entry but what are some simple practical things to check? We have some ideas.

  1. Take a good look at your website. Is it easy to find your phone numbers? Email? Chat? If someone wants to reach you want them to find you quickly so that you can answer their question or address their concern. If it’s hard to find, maybe they’ll just go elsewhere.
  2. Speaking of the phone/email and chat…How quickly are you responding? Is there something you can automate or outsource?
  3. What does your membership offering page look like? Are all of the details there plain and simple or are you using a grid to compare and contrast the membership level offerings? How can you simplify your pricing structure? How could you improve your user experience?
  4. How hard is it to set up a tour? You want to make sure that if people want to see your space that they’re easily able to find a time for that tour and come in when it works for them, not you.
  5. If someone is ready to pay can you easily and quickly take their money? If not, can you set that up? Could you simply get a card reader for your cell phone?
  6. How complex is your contract? Is it easy to read and understand? Is it too long? Is it electronic? Have you highlighted key points?
  7. How hard is it to book meeting rooms? How hard is it to set up virtual mail? It isn’t always an office or a membership that leads to a long term member, sometimes they come in through another door…

If you pause at any of these, it’s a good exercise to secret shop your own business or have someone else in the industry do so. A quick audit for UX is what you need. GCUC members get a high level digital audit for FREE facilitated by GCUC and partners, once a year by request. If you are not a member and are interested in this, send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘secret shop me’ and we will get you hooked up with a sample report.