7 Coworking Game Changers Reinventing the Future of Work

By Liz Elam On March 6, 2018 In UncategorizedConferenceCommunityGCUC USA

GCUC is happening in NYC this April and we always like to point out a few of our friends that you should make a point to meet…

  1. Grant Horsfield – Grant is doing all the things. Hospitality, Coworking, Co-living, Health, Wellness, Technology and more. Buckle your seatbelt he is about to school you.
  2. Ashley Proctor – When she isn’t promoting a nation health plan called Co-Hip (created and inspired by her own harrowing tale after devastating injuries left her a homeless artist), she is building the most innovative, exciting and largest space in Canada. There is a reason she is asked to speak all over the world, it’s because she speaks from the heart.
  3. Jesse Miller – He is always doing more than one thing. A serial entrepreneur that also has his finger on the pulse of the future. He likes to blend in and observe, seek him.
  4. Shlomo Silber – The swagger is earned and rarely seen in man this young. This Dad of four boys is quietly building a beautifully designed coworking brand that has plans across America. Don’t let his easy smile fool you he is a baller.
  5. Angel Meakins Kwiatkowski – She won’t play by the rules and she’s coming in hot to school you on the misconceptions around coworking.
  6. Laura Shook – She is one of the co-founders of Women Who Cowork and the OG of the Austin Coworking scene. She is a psychotherapist and one to watch. Did we mention she was the first woman owned coworking space in Texas?
  7. Bill Jacobson – Lots of people have raised money and expanded their brands. Bill has the first WELL certified coworking space in the world. Bill has corporate partnership with Staples. Bill have formed a unique collective system in Boston. Bill is an original that continues to innovate and thrive.

Hey, do you need a ticket? Get yours here: usa.gcuc.co

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