A Juicy (GCUC) Recap from Liz

By Stormy McBride On May 25, 2022 In ConferenceFuture of WorkCoworking EventsGCUC North America

GCUC NA Seattle

Last week we gathered in Seattle for the first big, back, IRL GCUC!

We did a GCUC we’re super proud of last September (you can see the replay in the GCUC Community Membership portal) but this GCUC was different.

We are back, we are all back to hugging, experiencing explosive growth and supporting each other.

Here are the highlights from Day Two. We have more recaps from Day one on the way.

If you didn’t attend they may not all make sense but maybe they will….

  • People want, need, deserve and crave community space that fosters collaboration – Happiness is a Metric
  • You need to create a safe space for innovation – The Flip Side of Innovation
  • The real work is done in your awareness – The War for Talent
  • Cities are changing and represent a huge opportunity for us – The Rise of Lifestyle Cities
  • Enterprise is back but it’s on-demand – What Aggregator Data can tell you about Space Utilization
  • People are getting together for intention, purpose and a reason – The ‘Future’ Office
  • Enterprise demand will eclipse all demand – The ‘Future’ Office
  • Design is much more powerful when you use the following words:
    • Lucious
    • Sumptuous
    • Delicious
    • Infused – Designing for a New World
  • Be vulnerable, have fun, prioritize your health and wellness and serve – Diversification of your Product Mix

Liz’s takeaways:

  • Perhaps I need to re-think some session titles
  • We need to remember to lean on each other
  • We can always do more to be inclusive and diverse
  • Don’t ask Shlomo to moderate
  • You can’t build them fast enough for the demand coming your way
  • Raise your prices
  • I need a good long rest
  • Don’t try to pull off a GCUC in 60 days ever again
  • We survived, let’s THRIVE

10 years in and I’m still learning, which means our community is too.

I’m often asked why I do GCUC if it’s not making me rich. The answer is simple. It’s because I want to support and nurture this industry which has given me so much. It’s about being of service to others, it lights me up.

A friend of mine mentioned that we at GCUC are a family and you know what? It’s true.

There are lots of people that I won’t let me leave without telling them I love them and to me that makes them family. If you want to be in our family all you have to do is attend, be open, give freely and help one another. That is the only price of admission. I hope you’ll join us next time.