Why coworking is different than working from a coffee shop

By Liz Elam On February 13, 2017 In CoworkingPressCommunity


Coworking is a little different than just working from a coffee shop and here’s why…

  1. You can go to the restroom without having to ask your sketchy neighbor to watch your laptop or having to pack everything up and risk loosing “your spot”.
  2. Coworking spaces are designed for maximum productivity. Everything from comfortable erganomic chairs to white noise and strategically placed power outlets.
  3. Most of the time the coffee is free in a coworking space and you dont have to make a purchase every 2 hours to keep “your spot”
  4. Coworking spaces offer community. Sure you can find that in a local coffee shop but what are the chances you are going to network with the stanger next to you, and that he is going to be there again three tuesdays from now?
  5. Coworking spaces have community managers (that double as baristas) and can help you navigate not only the wifi and coffee but the ammenities of the space and the network that comes with it.

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