GCUC Canada Update

By Stormy McBride On August 6, 2020 In CommunityGCUC Canada

Due to Covid-19 and the unusual circumstances we are all facing right now, GCUC Global has made the decision to bring operations back to Austin to stabilize our business in these uncertain times. You may have seen our announcement about GCUC North America in our most recent news letter. In an effort to unite our community and continue to be able operate, GCUC USA, Canada and Mexico will merge as one for 2021. After that, we will likely be back to standard programming in a city near you.

Ashley Proctor has served as the producer of GCUC Canada for the last 5 years and has helped us build an incredible community there. If you have had the pleasure of knowing Ashley, you know that she is a power house full of creativity, love and light. We have been fortunate to work with her on GCUC Canada and now wish her the very best on her new endeavors. She is going to change the world. If you would like to reach out, Ashley can be reached at creativebluprint.ca

Covid-19 has taken a toll on 2020. We too are a small business and having to make some hard decisions to keep us afloat in these challenging times. We are forever grateful to Ashley and she will always be part of the larger GCUC community.

-Liz & Stormy