GCUC (It’s Pronounced Juicy) Is Coming To South America!

By Liz Elam On August 1, 2015 In Coworking

In Lisbon, by the time I attended the Coworking Europe Conference in last November, I used to have breakfast every other bakery. Every one was an amazing surprise. Actually I decided to use Airbnb. Beside paying less, every time is an opportunity to make new friends from everywhere – hard to do at hotels – and try new “pasteis de belem” a portuguese delicacy, at different bakeries each day.

In one morning, I chose the bakery beside “Cinema São Jorge” – the conference venue – where I met Liz Elam, from GCUC. By the time, I was not aware what GCUC was… (sorry, Liz!) as many other coworking subjects….

Lisbon was my first coworking conference, first time out of my country researching about coworking as a novice. So, I asked her what GCUC was. I became so thrilled with the answer, I asked her “why not to do in South America?”. Moved into a delicious trap, she asked back: “why don’t we do that together?”

So, few months later, here we are, preparing a fine program in a tuned city as São Paulo, with more than 90 coworking spaces up to this April. And built to be done at different city and different country in South America each year sharing this philosophy! Come and be part of the first GCUC South America on March 3-4! We will see you there!