GCUC Podcast: Miro Miroslavov

By Stormy McBride On December 21, 2021 In UncategorizedGCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

Coworking spaces are constantly evolving/reshaping the way people work and need the software to manage all those changes. Officernd’s CEO, Miro Miroslavov, discusses where the industry is headed and how Officernd’s software is creating the manageability of a coworking space that is essential to the focus on community. Listen in to Liz Elam and Miro as they dive into all the upcoming trends, what spaces really need, the post pandemic world, and the new Officernd flex space management software that totally changes the game for flex spaces.

Here are some juicy sound bytes from this episode:

What we are seeing is certainly what we call static occupancy was the least sensitive component across the globe. We see that mostly in private offices. – Miro Miroslavov, CEO of Officernd

We believe this component of revenue specifically will get to the benchmarking and levels pre-covid, it can even go higher. – Miro Miroslavov, CEO of Officernd

There is also inflation at the moment, so that will eventually affect and make prices in spaces go up for a flexible work station. – Miro Miroslavov, CEO of Officernd

I live in Austin, and the spaces are jam packed. All the offices are rented, you can’t get a booth, the meeting rooms are booked. – Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC

The current report looks at the whole world. Interesting, but could also be a little misleading because covid especially affects the whole world so differently and you mentioned places that are booming, but there are still places fully locked down or struggling that results in the global report. – Miro Miroslavov, CEO of Officernd

Coworking to me is people who believe in community and believe that we do better as human beings when we can work in a shared space. – Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC

I am particularly excited as to why we are on the data piece, to make the data really helpful in making business decisions, and even on the community side like connecting all the pieces and making sure you can fully understand the data about your community and how it crawls, how it develops, and how using that data to make informed decisions and improve your business. – Miro Miroslavov, CEO of Officernd

It would be really cool if that map was more dynamic, and even if you could see how people were coming and going in real time it would be incredibly cool. – Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC

Click HERE to listen to the full podcast with Liz Elam and Miro Miroslavov. It’s juicy!