GCUC Podcast Recap: Nicole Vasquez

By Stormy McBride On December 14, 2022 In GCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

Take a step into the sweet spot of life as Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder and Chief People Officer at Deskpass, dives into what coworking styles are in demand, the major shift in user behavior post pandemic, the aggregator four letter word, the surprising hot commodity of the gateway booking that you might be overlooking, and more in this episode of the GCUC Podcast.

Keep them coming back for more with these juicy sound bites:

Deskpass is doing fantastic. We have thousands of bookable workspaces in more than 150 cities worldwide. We have hundreds of clients that are companies with remote employees all around the world. Something that we love to share with everybody, especially in the coworking industry, for operators to know is that private room rentals are skyrocketing. People are booking meeting rooms and day offices more and more. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

Let’s look at the big picture: work has changed fundamentally; the way people work. More and more people are working remote, people who have never been remote before and let’s not forget about all the people who were remote pre-pandemic. Yes, we are going towards people being more remote and that means we have to accommodate for that. Unfortunately, some companies that have been around pre-pandemic and now are just not adapting in the way that needs to be adapted for in order to accommodate these, yet others are thriving. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

These people are remote employees, and they want to get out of their house to meet with their teammates. They want to meet with their teammates on a recurring basis, or they want a private room to take their video calls or phone booths. We’ve seen a shift in user behavior shift post pandemic. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

Pre-pandemic, I saw a lot of independent workers, developers, and consultants would have calls here and there with clients or teammates, but it wasn’t all day long. But now that so many more people are remote, that means that they’re not meeting with their teammates which means they are going to be on calls much more. So that need for more private meeting rooms and phone booths has exponentially increased. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

Deskpass is a hybrid work solution. That’s what we do. As a company, they select Deskpass as their hybrid work solution. It is what allows them to have hybrid work. We have the dashboard, the billing, the reports, access to all employees, and set stipends, so it’s an HR solution and a hybrid work solution. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

Desks are the gateway booking for a coworking space. A lot of our enterprise clients will have individuals booking a coworking desk at a space, and then 2-3 weeks later they’ll start to invite their friends to the coworking party, and then a few weeks later they’ll start booking meeting rooms. Then we see it more and more now, they will end up getting an office at that location. Day offices are popular so make the day offices easily bookable and have signs on available offices. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

My concern is that you’re going to see more spaces that only have offices and no coworking area which takes away the vibrancy of the space. Yes, you are still able to leave your home, get dressed up, go to a different place, and have a room that is sufficient for getting your work done. But you miss out on all those great aspects of coworking that people get. I urge operators to not take that away. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

The other things that we absolutely know that people want are instant bookability for meeting rooms and day offices with detailed descriptions and affordable pricing. Make sure your listings have images of the main area, kitchen, patio, and the front of the building. Describe the experience. -Nicole Vasquez, Cofounder & Chief People Officer at Deskpass

Click HERE to listen to the full podcast with Liz Elam and Nicole Vasquez. It’s juicy!