GCUC UK and Coworking Europe Offer Joint Ticket to Both Events

By Liz Elam On June 20, 2018 In CoworkingConferenceGCUC UK

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In the true “co” spirit of coworking, GCUC UK and Coworking Europe are delighted to announce a collaboration which will benefit all coworking aficionados. Not only will GCUC UK and Coworking Europe collaborate on content, the two organizations are offering a super saver joint ticket for those people who want to attend both events.

As Jean Yves Huwart, executive producer of Coworking Europe explains, “The UK is by far the most advanced coworking market in Europe. It’s good to have a conference today putting together the professionals from the coworking industry in the UK. This is how we can capture the coworking zeitgeist, develop one voice, and share it with European stakeholders, the same way Coworking Spain, Coworking Deutschland or Coworking Poland federates the coworking changemakers in all these individual countries.”

Coworking Europe was launched in 2010 and aims to bring together people from countries all over Europe and beyond to share their experiences. It is an international event by nature, with more than 50 nationalities represented every year. The conference is a platform where representatives from coworking national markets have the opportunity to meet their peers and build a vision for the future of the coworking industry across Europe.

GCUC UK producer Justin Harley commented, “Coworking in the UK is red hot right now. The market is growing and coworking is now considered mainstream by most commercial real estate analysts. Despite the growth, increased market research and capital, however, the UK coworking industry doesn’t have an event that brings together leading providers from all types of spaces, from small independent coworking spaces to scaled flexible workspace brands. We aim to fix that by providing UK centric content at our conference that will benefit all coworking space providers, from large corporates to smaller scale operations.”

GCUC executive producer Liz Elam (front), GCUC Canada producer Ashley Proctor,
and Coworking Europe executive producer Jean Yves Huwart

GCUC is the largest conference series in the world. GCUC has produced over 20 conferences globally. This year GCUC will be in the US, UK, Dubai, China, Australia, Canada and Latin America. Regarding the joint ticket between GCUC and Coworking Europe, GCUC executive producer Liz Elam explains, “The collaboration with Coworking Europe is a natural evolution for us. Jean-Yves is a dear friend and we like to eat our own dog food. As we say at GCUC all the time, we’re not competitors we’re collaborators.”

A joint ticket to both Coworking Europe and GCUC UK is available through July 15 for £570 or €650 Euros. Purchase a joint ticket.

Join us for GCUC UK, the European debut of the world’s largest coworking conference series.


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