International Coworking Day 2022

By Stormy McBride On August 3, 2022 In CoworkingCommunity

Did it sneak up on you? Are you celebrating? Doing it up big or simply opening your doors to your local ecosystem?

This is a day to go all out and celebrate the community you have but also champion flexible working for the rest of the world. After a LONG pandemic two years, the world is more than familiar with remote working but not everyone has experienced the magic of a proper “third space”*.

*thirdspace: The concept of the third space has been used as a sociocultural term to designate communal space, as distinct from the home (first space) or work (second space). —Source: thirdspacenetwork.com

Remember your competition is not the space down the road, its peoples home and nonconsumption habits. Showcase the things that are missing from their daily routines, things that will enrich their lives whether it be professionally or personally.

In the wise words of our friend Garrett Tichy (Founder of Hygge)

“Desks are the least interesting thing you sell.”

Below are a few of our favorite low-ish lift celebrations:

  • Share your story publically- why did you get into coworking?
  • Free Day Passes for anyone who comes through the door
  • Bring a buddy- encourage members to bring someone new
  • Community Breakfast- waffles, bagels, breakfast tacos and juices.
  • Happy Hour with a tour
  • Host a Headshot Day (we all need post-covid shot)
  • Ted Talks and breakfast tacos (programming & food can’t lose)
  • Meet our furry friends (host a yappy hour)
  • Become a donation center (dress for success, school supply drive)

We also created this handy little graphic for your instagram. Simply drop in your logo in the top left and your website in the bottom right and you are ready to rock. Just right click and save the image below, or download it here.