Make Them Remember You

By Stormy McBride On April 28, 2021 In OtherCommunity

Photo of a smiling person

Let’s talk about not only getting someone’s attention but making them remember you.

Whether it be the secretary at the chamber of commerce (who knows all the new business owners) or the concierge guy at the local hotel (who frequently interacts with the business travelers), it behooves you for them to remember you.

More so, not only know who you are and what you do but to be top of mind when someone is looking for a workspace.

Breaking the 4th wall here, but I’m a former sorority girl from the south. If nothing else, those four years gave me a crash course in networking and making impressions.

Here is what I learned that can be used in your business and others.

  1. If you are reaching out to someone cold, follow up with an in person visit and have your game face on. It’s one thing to read a well created email but its another to put a name (and request) to a face. Simple but how many cold emails have you sent to people in your area that have zero idea who you are?
  2. Don’t show up empty handed. Whether it be coffees from the shop next door, flowers or some baked goods, everyone appreciates a gift. Especially if they are not used to receiving them. Trust me, it will make you stand out. A $5 croissant or a $25 bouquet of flowers are cheap costs of acquisition for new members (or advocates that will send you members).
  3. Cheesy can be memorable or cringy. Think of the jingles you hear on the radio. The alliteration or play on words are typically what make you remember them. Back to the don’t come empty handed… look up punny phrases that can go with items you can deliver in a gift basket when you arrive. Ex: Working from _____Space will be the highlight of your workweek. Coworking. Meeting rooms. Event space. Attach it to a good quality highlighter (or basket of them) with your contact details and you are off to the races. Now they will think of you every time they need a highlighter.
  4. When in doubt, wine, dine and dazzle. Take care of those that you expect to take care of you. Invite them to an event in your space that appeals to them. Give them the VIP treatment so that they are confident in recommending you to others.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Keep this in mind when cultivating relationships to support your business. It’s not all transactional. People do business with people.