Making Valentines Day Special for Members

By Stormy McBride On February 11, 2020 In Community

Valentine Day

Valentine’s day is RAPIDLY approaching. Here are some of our favorite ways to show our members that they are important to our community on this holiday.

Bonus points- most of this stuff can be ordered through Amazon prime 2 day shipping so it will be here in time for Valentine’s Day this Friday.


Pink pancake or waffle breakfast- Begin the day with a fan favorite, add a little food coloring and go to town. Members love this breakfast and it makes the space smell delicious.

Here is our favorite


Nothing crazy or over the top but there is something about visual cues and inexpensive party decor that is nostalgic.
Here are some simple ones we like:

Notes & gifts

This can be a bit time consuming and tedious to complete but hand write each of your members a little note or valentines day card. If you have a bunch of members, split it up between your team and knock it out.

A couple of simple note cards and gifts perfect for valentines:

Leave paper hearts out in the communal space and ask members to “share the love” with interactions, words of gratitude for the space or other members, etc.

Here are some supplies if you are not the DIY kind or don’t have the bandwidth to craft:

If you want other festive holiday ideas check out our full GCUC amazon store here. Now Valentine’s day is only 4 days away, get to ordering so it makes it to you by friday. Go share the coworking love.

*links in this post are affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase directly from them, we may make a small commision. Thanks in advance for supporting GCUC!