Meet the speakers of GCUC North America

By Stormy McBride On February 23, 2023 In SpeakersConferenceGCUC North America

GCUC North America is going to be the Coworking and Flex event of 2023. Mark our words.

We have been hard at work curating a stellar line up and connecting with the leaders in our industry. Due to the unique position of our industry and the players that prioritize collaboration over competition, we are hearing a resounding “yes” when we ask them to take a seat at the table.

This event will have educators from across the industry, with years of experience under their belts coming forward to share their knowledge and help propel the future of work.

There is enough business for everyone so why not lift each other up?

If you want to learn, grow, develop and connect with the people building the future of work. Look no further.

For full session descriptions and tickets, head to NA.GCUC.CO.

Why the “co” in coworking is back in style
Jamie Hodari, CEO of Industrious

Activated Ecosystem: People, Places and Culture
Alex Steinman, Cofounder of the Coven
Erinn Farrell, Cofounder of The Coven

Curating experiences
Melinda Holland, President and COO of Wework Americas
Shai Fogel, GM of US Markets at Mindspace
Chris Davies, CEO of Uncommon

Giving Back: building philanthropy and sustainability into your biz
Clark Reinhart, Founder of SIVIK
Brad Krauskopf, Founder of Hub Australia

Community and hospitality:
Dr. Tammira Lucas, CEO of The Cube Cowork

KPI’s you should be tracking to maximize your ROI
Kane Wilmont, CEO of IQ Offices
Flip Howard, CEO of Lucid
Alaethea Hensley, VP of Operations Common Desk

Real Estate and Finance Strategy
Giovanni Palavicini, Principal Flex Office Solutions at Avison and Young

Road to Profitability
Sarah Travers, CEO of Workbar
Ryan Simonetti, Founder of Convene

Harnessing Hybrid
Annie Draper, Director of Workplace services, Hines
Kayley DiCicco, Enterprise Sales Director, Expansive
Sam Rosen, Founder, Deskpass
Tim Hasse, Founder, General Provision

Using nontraditional amenities offerings to grow your portfolio
Mari Rosas, Founder of Cocohaus
Garrett Tichy, Founder of Hygge
Sneha Kadakia, Founder of From Here

Right Fit for Acquisition
Wayne Berger, CEO of the Americas, IWG
Jason Anderson, CEO of the Americas, Coworks

Technology that elevates service but not costs
Tim Slaughter, Founder at Caddo Offices
Kris Elliot, Sales and Operations Veteran
Warren Hersowitz, Manager, Coworking at Yardi

Market recovery data
Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace

The only way to create the future of work is to build it. Let’s learn together what matters now and in the future.
We’re not recording stage content this year. You have to be in the room, in person to get the knowledge and make the connections. Don’t sleep on this opportunity to connect with your peers.

All this would not be possible without our amazing sponsors. Visit them here and in person at GCUC.

Big props to Yardi & Vari for being at the top of the bracket and always being willing to serve to coworking and flex world. We appreciate you.

Tickets, session details and more can be found at na.gcuc.co

See you in Chicago,
The GCUC Crew