Operations Unconference Recap

By Stormy McBride On June 8, 2020 In CoworkingCommunityGCUC WebinarsCOVID-19

Coworking Operations

If you missed out on our Operations unconference session, check out our notes below. We have lots of events coming your way. Make sure to stay up to date by getting on our mailing list!

Topics we threw out to the community to discuss:

  • Re-design
  • Dividers
  • Mask policy
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Change contracts
  • Upgrade tech (internet or locks)
  • Temperature
  • Member buy in
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding

Communication and Technology:

  • “Share the pain” feeling from landlord to coworking space. Really want it to stop there so that the coworking members don’t have to feel it too (more than they already are).Keep “high touch” feeling in a physically distant society now. Don’t let hospitality focus get lost during this time
  • Common desk noted for having a great covid19 response.Make lemonade, Coco haus and day house were mentioned for their extensive “work from home” virtual membership offerings
    Manage expectations from the get go. Over communicate. The more your members are prepared for, the less you will have to address real time over and over again. (when speaking about seating arrangements and new rules)
  • Are bandwidth requirements going to go up post covid as everyone is streaming? Need to check on this. One member mentioned Isofy made them safe in that regard.
  • One space was offering a live feed so at home members could see the space and the folks in the space could stop by and say hi. Perhaps a great addition to virtual tours and a great way to get people comfortable with coming back.
  • Some spaces are having people sign up for time slots to keep distancing rules in place. Some software companies like Nexudus are adding a counter to the software. It might be cool thing to display.
  • We had great discussions around how and when to communicate with members. Zoom was a popular way to show your members what to expect and what things will look like.

Creative signage:

  • Don’t make us ask, wear your mask
  • This Chair is for bags not butts
  • A sense of humor is great. One space making floor dots like pac-man.
  • It’s physical distancing not social distancing – we want our members to socialize safely

Cleaning supplies and policies:

  • Let your members see you clean. Also leave out supplies to allow them to clean as well. Give them the opportunity to provide their own “cleaning” so they feel better.
  • Post your cleaning policies and procedures. Make them known.
  • Sourcing wipes and such- find out when your local stores restock and get their first thing. Check suppliers for gyms and daycares.
  • Some spaces are doing away with phone booths while others are ordering more. There are two very split camps there.
  • Lots of talk about air filters, purifiers and new HVAC systems but no real consensus about what should be done at this stage.
  • Air quality came up. We talked about the need for filters to be changed more often. Suggestion for HEPA filters and change the mix of recycled air to fresh air. Consider working with your landlord to upgrade legacy equipment, they can often get credits back from government for upgrading to a green model.
  • Some spaces are offering to let their members “upgrade” their upgraded cleaning by contracting out the spaces cleaning company to deep clean their private offices daily or however often they would like in addition to what the space is already providing.
  • One space mentioned the use of nanoseptic wipes.
  • Some spaces were shutting down phone booths because they didn’t have a way to insure they’re clean. Suggestion to treat them like you would another meeting space. Need might be more not less post covid. Zonez is working on a solution for phone booth airflow and cleaning… more to come.
  • Contract tracing doesn’t have to be scary. Just be discrete.
  • Constant reminder to check with state and local government – it’s different rules all over the place. CDC or WHO are a good rule of thumb.

New General policies post covid:

  • Everyone will have a mask policy. The consensus is it has to be on in the public or shared spaces but in your office or at your dedicated desk, 6 foot away from others you can take it off.
  • Hardly anyone is taking temperatures – feels too personal. If they are they are taking them off to the side in a private room so it is not visible to the public.
  • Lots of concern around liability for those that are reopening. Lots of talk about having members sign a waiver or having mutual indemnification. Some spaces issuing completely new agreements and contracts.
  • Many spaces are closing their communal spaces and kitchens and transitioning to only dedicated space. No more hot desking options.
  • Same goes for guest passes and meeting rentals to the outside public.
  • Don’t be scary and use caution tape to show physical distancing, perhaps a plant. Make a chair a “bag holder”
  • Coffee called out as a complex area. Perhaps use disposable cups, plates and cutlery. Consider offering a second coffee area so that there is less people in one area.
  • Do everything you can to make it safe and remember it’s to fold, physically safe and psychological safe. The way members feel mentally about your space is huge in considering their confidence in return.

To find more notes and content like this- check out GCUC Membership. We have an entire section on Covid reentry operations, resources and information.