GCUC Scholarship Program

Announcing the GCUC Scholarship Program!

It’s a challenge to make ends meet when you’re starting a new business. As many of us are independent workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs – we may not have the resources to attend a national event such as a conference.

The value in attending a coworking conference like GCUC is immeasurable—particularly for those who are starting out, those who might be in transition, or those who are considering diving into the world of coworking and collaborative work space. The information we share at these events can really help turn your business around, improve your community and operations or simply get you started in the right direction. The personal connections you make with others and the network of support you can build at GCUC are priceless.

Thanks to our Scholarship Sponsor, Cobot, we have a number of tickets available for those who wish to attend CAMP GCUC and / or GCUC USA but who may not have the financial means to purchase a conference ticket. We are also working to build partnerships to assist some GCUC USA attendees with travel and accommodations expenses.

If the only thing holding you back from attending GCUC USA in Seattle is the price of admission – we want to hear from you.

Complete the application form below for your chance to join us!