Speaker Spotlight: John Preece & Kimberley Paterson

By Liz Elam On June 26, 2017 In CoworkingSpeakersConferenceCoworking TrendsGCUC 2017

The word is out…

We are super excited to announce that John Preece and Kimberley Paterson from Knight Frank will be presenting at GCUC Australia this year. They will be giving us the ins and outs on the coworking trends as they relate to not only Australia but the world. Check out this sneak peak below…

Session: Coworking Trends In Australia And Beyond 

It is great to have a space and build a community, but if you don’t have a clear view on broader trends in the fast moving coworking sector, nationally and globally, your business can rapidly lose relevance and fall out of favor with your members.  In this session, John Preece and Kimberley Paterson of Knight Frank will talk us through the growth trajectory of the coworking sector in Australia, current trends, and forecasts for the future which will be critical factors in the success, or otherwise, of your business.

Want to hear more? Join us in Melbourne on August 25th for the whole GCUC experience. Tickets are on sale now.