The Importance of a Forward Thinking Website By: Steve Ryan

By Liz Elam On April 19, 2016 In Uncategorized

At GCUC ALL this year we’ll be talking extensively about how technology is changing the workplace. And not just cutting edge and AI technology…we mean all technology; from the basics of your website, to cloud storage, all the way to friendly bots. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves….first things first.Before you can go out and say you’re a tech friendly workspace and have the latest state of the art technology implemented in your center, you need to make sure that clients can find you. Ergo, the importance of a website — one of the most basic (and often overlooked) technology.Your website is your window to the outside world full of potential clients. Want to make a good first impression? Make sure your website is modern, clean looking, user friendly, visually appealing, informative, and (for God’s sake) mobile friendly.Trust us, a website can attract clients to your space or very well turn them away before they even set their sights on it. Fact is, potential clients aren’t likely to find you as they walk down the street…they’re more likely to find you through a Google Search.Google can take lead them to your page, but it’s up to you that they stay and navigate it. Flexible workspaces are known for being modern and for embracing the potential of today’s interconnected and technology oriented working world. Your website needs to portray this same message.We all have access to the necessary tools, we just need to learn how to best use them and take advantage of them. So, the question that remains is: is your website ready to be disrupted?Doesn’t work on a smartphone? You’re missing valuable traffic.Doesn’t have video? You only have 8.25 seconds to grab attention.Can’t book online? You can’t track conversions.Hard to find contact information? You can’t expect someone to spend all day looking.Not grabbing visitor contact information? You won’t be able to follow up.Investing in your online presence has never been more critical. Decisions are being made in advance of booking a tour. Individuals research more and more to make an educated decision. Differentiating between an active community and an inactive one becomes critical in the eye of a decision maker. The information that you share on your website is critical to your success and building the community you set out to establish.The time is NOW to be forward thinking and set the tone for how your website defines your organization and its imminent success. What do you plan to do about it?Don’t miss out on Steve Ryan’s talk on website design during GCUCALL.