Transform Your Coworking Business with GCUC’s Membership

By Stormy McBride On June 24, 2024 In CommunityGCUC Membership

GCUC Membership

At GCUC, our mission is to support coworking and shared workspace owners around the globe. While our annual conferences bring together the best minds in the industry, we understand the need for continuous access to valuable insights and resources. That’s why we created the GCUC Community Membership—your all-access pass to industry expertise, available anytime, anywhere.

What You Get with GCUC Membership

Real-Time Content and Perks
Stay ahead with 24/7 access to exclusive content and perks designed to help you succeed.

Tools and Resources
Empower your community with tools and resources you can implement immediately. The best part? You can access it all wherever you have Wi-Fi.

Membership Benefits

When you join the GCUC Community, you gain access to:

  • Discounted GCUC Conference Tickets: Save on registration for our premier events.
  • Extensive Resource Library: Access a treasure trove of templates, contracts, best practices, and more.
  • Curated Slack Channels: Connect with peers by region and topic.
  • Complete Video Archives: Watch past GCUC conferences and online events at your convenience.
  • Exclusive Deals & Discounts: Utilize or share curated offers with your members.
  • Peer Support & Industry Connections: Network with fellow workspace owners and industry leaders.
  • Monthly Newsletter & Exclusive Events: Stay informed and engaged with the latest trends and insights.

Why Join?

Our resource library alone can transform your business. Here’s how:

  • Attract and Retain Members: Implement proven strategies to grow and delight your community.
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Find ways to streamline your operations and save money.
  • Generate Revenue: Discover new revenue streams and monetize underutilized spaces.
  • Work Less, Earn More: Optimize your processes to work smarter, not harder.
  • Engage Your Community: Take a more active role in fostering a vibrant, connected membership.

Monthly Member Events

Our monthly events offer unparalleled opportunities to learn and connect:

  • Office Hours: Engage with industry experts during our live Q&A sessions.
  • Unconference Online: Participate in dynamic discussions driven by members’ interests.
  • Website Audit: Receive a comprehensive review of your website to improve user experience and drive sales.

Ready to Elevate Your Workspace?

For just $20 a month, the GCUC Membership offers incredible value, especially if you attend our conferences. The membership practically pays for itself with the conference discounts alone.

Join the GCUC Community Today!
Sign Up Here and start taking advantage of all the benefits we offer. We’d love to welcome you to our global network of coworking leaders.