7 fall events to do with your community

By Liz Elam On October 14, 2019 In Community

The temps finally dropped here at HQ and we are feeling all of the fall vibes. Below are some of our favorite autumn events to host or enjoy with our community.

Volunteer at a local pumpkin patch – In the south, these are everywhere. Grab a group of members and go volunteer at one in your area. Bonus points if you pick on up for the next activity.

Host a pumpkin carving contest – Simple and pretty cost effective. Just make sure to pick up some of those plastic table cloths to cover everything with or take this activity to the patio.

Desk- or treat for members or member’s children – This is a super fun take on trunk or treat concept. Have members decorate their desks and put out a bowl of candy. This is super fun for adults and kids alike.

Have a costume contest- Honestly one of our favorites. It is so fun to see what people and teams come up with. Pro-Tip: offer killer prizes and you will get an even better turn out.

Have a workspace decorating contest- This goes hand and hand with the desk o treat but is also a fun stand alone event. You can supply the spiderwebs and decor or have members bring it in. It gives an instant halloween-y feel to the space.

Host a no bake pumpkin spice cheesecake / pie making class- Tis the season of pumpkin spice everything. Grab your members and the supplies on one of the lists and get to “no baking”. Pro tip- some recipes are more involved than others. You can short cut the crust step by just buying the premade graham cracker crusts.

Potluck thanksgiving- We’ve all been to a potluck before so the same rules apply. We typically supply the turkey and ham and let the community to sign up to bring the sides!

Progressive dinner- but with private offices or desks- Another food event but this time it leans heavily on the members in team rooms or private offices- this can be done with meeting rooms or differed. Theme each stop/space a step in the meal: Pre drinks, appetizers, First course, second course, desert, coffee/drinks.