A New Coworking Recruiter

By Stormy McBride On May 29, 2024 In CommunityBottle RocketStaffing


In Salt Lake City, Liz Elam revealed that she and GCUC had partnered with recruiter and headhunting specialist, Derek Lutz to bring the coworking and flexspace industry, a top of the line recruiting firm, called Bottle Rocket

With a handful of the industry’s name brands as initial clients, Bottle Rocket shot off, pun intended.  
Lauren and the team at Coworks sat down with the team to learn a little more about the new recruiting offering and how it supports the industry but also the GCUC ecosystem. 
For Elam and Lutz, the ultimate goal of Bottle Rocket Search goes beyond business success. They are driven by a shared vision to combat the loneliness epidemic through coworking. By creating environments where people can find belonging and purpose, they believe they can make a significant impact on societal well-being.

“Our work is about more than just jobs. It’s about enhancing how people interact with their work environments and with each other,” Elam concluded.

With Bottle Rocket Search, Lutz and Elam are not just filling a gap in the coworking industry; they are transforming it by ensuring that the people who run these spaces are as passionate about their work as they are about the people they serve.

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