GCUC Podcast Recap: Sofia Stolberg

By Stormy McBride On May 31, 2024 In CommunityGCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

In this episode, Liz sat down with the Co-Founder of Piloto 151 and PilotoMail, Sofia Stolberg. PilotoMail is a comprehensive mail management service designed specifically for coworking spaces, business centers, and virtual offices. Many don’t know, but Sofia also founded Piloto 151, the first coworking space in Puerto Rico.

What started as the first coworking space in Puerto Rico has now grown into a multifaceted hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, encompassing a variety of services and initiatives designed to support startups and small businesses, including the revolutionary email management platform, Piloto Mail. Both Liz and Sofia shared their struggles of a first-time coworking space entering the market, having to answer questions like “what even is coworking?”

“First to market had a ton of challenges,” Sofia said. “The local community took a lot longer to come around to what coworking actually was.”

Beyond their first years, Piloto 151 will now have 7 spaces open by the end of the year. Opening 2 new locations in August, including one as an event space. Sounds like a perfect location for our next GCUC conference!

Aside from the innovative office spaces, PilotoMail offers customers virtual mailboxes designed for the remote workforce in order to enhance productivity and streamline communication for entrepreneurs and businesses. Through features like shared inboxes, task assignments, and threaded conversations within emails, Piloto Mail allows team members to work together efficiently, regardless of their physical location.

“Community building will always be a differentiator in coworking,” Sofia said.

Within PilotoMail, there are also collaboration tools all aimed at simplifying workflows and improving efficiency in managing email communications. The platform’s built-in commenting system lets users discuss specific emails and tasks, promoting dialogue and collective problem-solving. Additionally, Piloto Mail often hosts virtual events, webinars, and workshops that bring users together to share best practices, learn from experts, and network with one another. These features collectively create a connected and engaged community, helping users feel part of a larger collaborative ecosystem despite the virtual nature of the platform.

The effect of Sofia Stolberg on the coworking community has been monumental. From her emerging spaces at Piloto 151 to the sense of community in a virtual environment at PilotoMail, Sofia has transformed Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial scene by providing a supportive and resource-rich environment.

Tune into this episode to listen to the essentials for innovation and sustainable business growth, straight from the source!