GCUC Places

GCUC Places allows your members to tap into a larger community of spaces.

Now your members can be part of a global network of spaces. All GCUC Places members agree to extend a 20% discount to anyone in the network for work and meeting space. Now when your member says, I’m going to New York, you can say “Be sure to check out the other GCUC Places for a space to work while you’re out of town.”

Benefits to you:

  • Compete with the likes of Regus and Wework by having a global network of spaces
  • Added benefit for your community
  • A great way to set yourself apart in a crowded city
  • Additional money as travelers that know coworking will seek out the GCUC Places in town

How do I become part of the network?

  • Join GCUC Membership
  • Click the “Join GCUC Places” box on your GCUC profile
  • Easy Peasy- you’re done- we will onboard you the rest of the way.

Do you have questions about GCUC Places? Check out our FAQ below.

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