Announcing GCUC POP!

By Liz Elam On February 23, 2015 In CoworkingConference


POP! POP! Do you hear that?!?! POP! POP! POP! While the GCUC team has been coworking obsessed for a while now, coworking has been POPPING up in the news left and right so far this year.  That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce the launch of GCUC POP!, a new, one day juicy “POP!” of coworking awesomeness at the WeDC House @ SXSW!  For those of you who don’t know our story, GCUC (pronounced “juicy”) got it’s start at SXSW a few years ago, so when the folks at WeDC asked if we’d be interested in partnering with them and coming back to our roots, we just had to say yes! With GCUC having recently expanded to Australia and Canada, we’ve experienced great demand for additional programs and events. GCUC POP! is our new spin on all the things you love about GCUC, but uniquely crafted into a half day experience taking place on March 15th, 2015, smack dab in the middle of SXSWi!

Our first panel will demystify the Coworking world for you. We’ll talk about that crazy term accelerated serendipity; shine some light upon this “community” people keep talking about; and if certain things work in coworking, how can they work in corporate environments? Does it already? A discussion on the secret sauce of coworking and how when combined with great workspace design the result can be some amazing collaborations and overall increased productivity. When was the last time you could say that about your cube farm?

In our second panel we’ll discuss how the sudden boom in coworking has begun what may turn into niche bubble within the commercial real estate industry. The business models for coworking vs. shared space or private offices are quite different and so can be the profit margins. As this industry develops, stakeholders on all sides of the table are going to have to embrace non traditional deals that vary from your market square foot rate. And with non traditional deals come new roles. How do owners, brokers and spaces all work together?

Following the panels we’ll organize an Unconference for our special guests. This is where you get the opportunity to be the conference. If you’ve never been to an unconference here is a blog we wrote about our experience.

Space is limited and by invitation only. You can apply for a golden ticket here: www.gcucpop.co