Unlock Cost Savings: Elevate Your Space with Vivreau Water

By Guest Post On March 14, 2024 In CoworkingCoworking Trends

We understand that as coworking space operators, there is a steady thrum of decisions always on your mind. It takes finesse to successfully support revenue growth, marketing, staffing, and operations, and doing so in a way where the budget is also happy.

But first, let’s introduce ourselves a bit. This guest post is brought to you by the team at Vivreau.

With 50 years as industry leaders in hydration, Vivreau offers elegant water dispenser solutions that serve on-demand micro-filtered still or sparkling water sourced directly from your facility’s water line. We’ve supported countless companies, including Fortune 500 organizations, to improve their water programs and foster sustainability.

Now, you’re familiar with this typical cost/benefit analysis: Want something nicer? Well, it’ll cost you. But sometimes in life, delicious opportunities come up that turn this calculation right on its head, and we’re all for it. Case in point – Vivreau water math, that seems so good it’s like a cheat code:

Reduced operational cost + Elevated Amenities + Improved Sustainability + Better Wellness + Enhanced Branding = Vivreau Water

“Our members really appreciate the Vivreau Vi Tap system because of its great taste, convenience and it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable water bottles.”
Kane Willmott, CEO, iQ Offices

Vivreau Vi Tap 2H Dispenser at iQ Offices

Let’s break down this magic math to explain how a water filtration system can boost your coworking space in multifaceted ways.

Reduced Operational Costs:

  • San Pellegrino isn’t cheap. Switching to a sparkling water dispenser could save significant dollars over bottled water. Use our calculator to see how much you could save.
  • Trim staff workloads, while also trimming waste. With on-demand water, you can nix hours related to ordering storing, moving, cleaning and recycling bottled water.

Elevated Amenities:

  • Offer a delicious filtered water amenity for your clients, served chilled, hot and sparkling, from sleek dispenser designs.
  • Let the jokes about ‘office sludge’ coffee be a thing of the past. Microfiltered water plays a role in crafting delicious coffee and will level up your coffee game.

Improved Sustainability:

  • A single Vivreau water dispenser can banish 36,500 plastic bottles a year, significantly reducing your organization’s waste footprint.
  • Look at your members, most people are obsessed with their reusable water bottle and carry it everywhere they go. Let them fill up all day!
  • Eliminate the pollution associated with transporting, storing, and recycling water bottle waste while also championing a greener approach to hydration.
  • For every water dispenser installed, Vivreau will pull 5lbs of plastic from the ocean through 4ocean’s Buy one, Pull one initiative.

Better Wellness and Productivity:

  • Demonstrate your dedication to clients’ well-being by incorporating a water program into your holistic wellness initiative.
  • Encourage clients to stay hydrated, which is shown to improve focus, energy, and mood.
  • Create an inviting space where people linger and interact with others, building connections
  • Foster creativity where clients break away from task-oriented desk work, paving the way for inspiration, problem-solving, and innovative thinking.

Branding and Marketing:

  • Align with your eco-friendly values, by incorporating a water program that showcases your commitment to the environment.
  • Extend your coworking brand beyond the office walls – custom-branded water bottles become ambassadors of your brand as clients carry them into the world.
Vivreau Top Pro Water Dispenser

We invite you to connect with us, not just for hydration solutions but to explore how our innovations can help shape an environment where professional relationships flourish and innovation thrives. Visit vivreauwater.com to learn more.