BTS: Pack with us London Edition

By Liz Elam On September 13, 2019 In GCUC UKTravel Tips

After looking at our analytics across the board- it’s clear that you guys are as nosy as we are. Our behind the scenes (BTS) and “personal” content is high on the most viewed list- so why not give the people what they want? Today you are getting the pack with us edition for London- these are the things that we love and are bringing with us across the pond. Check it out.

Stormy’s travel favorites

Out of the two of us, im the light packer. Below are the things I don’t travel overseas without.

  1. My bose headphones– for the plane. Good for drowning out plane noise and your obnoxious neighbors.
  2. Sneakers– Specifically these. They are trendy enough to wear with a dress when walking around the city and sturdy enough to wear on the elliptical in the hotel in a pinch (if im only packing one sneaker)
  3. Wander beauty eye patches– by far my favorites. Again, great for the plane or when you land.
  4. Travel size umbrella– I own an embarrassing amount of umbrellas because I detest being damp.
  5. This back pack– its a perfect carry on. It holds my laptop, in flight goodies and had pockets on the side for a water bottle. I bought this backpack after trying 4 others (literally) and love this one the most.

Liz’s travel favorites

I pack a version of everything on Stormys list plus some. Below are the ones I don’t travel without, regardless of the location.

  1. Neck scarf that doubles as a neck pillow– Way more chic than the standard U shaped tube and it folds down and stows away easily.
  2. Snacks– These fig bars are great. They are perfect for those weird times between meals, late night snacking or just breakfast on the go.
  3. Bottle of water– been really loving reusable ones. I try to drink more water when I travel to make sure I dont get dehydrated.
  4. A power bank– with a built in cord because when we are running around another city I frequently forget to grab an adapter and am constantly draining my phone battery.
  5. Air compression bag– for dirty clothes so they dont touch or smell up your other clothing. Pro tip, also throw in a dryer sheet for good measure for long trips.

If you are headed to GCUC UK and it will be your first time in London we recommend bringing an umbrella and layers. It can be coldish and rainey or warm and sunny all in the same day. If you have some time to check out the city, the bridge is cool, obviously. There are some fantastic museums and we highly recommend scheduling in an afternoon tea and stroll through Selfridges or Harrods. Also, if the weather is nice, London has some really awesome markets with local vendors. 10/10 recommend checking them out and supporting local.

Thats it for today, we hope to see you in London. Make sure you are following us on instagram and twitter for real time GCUC Goodness and shenanigans. If you want to check out more of our favorite travel items, check out our Travel Must Haves list on our GCUC amazon page!

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