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January 17, 2023, CST @ 11:00 am CST

Economic Outlook of the US with Jon Haveman

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In this session, we will discuss the current economic outlook in the United States. We will cover a range of topics, including the current state of key economic indicators such as GDP, employment, and inflation. We will also examine the impact of recent government policies and major events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing trade tensions with China, on the economy. Additionally, we will consider the outlook for various sectors of the economy, such as manufacturing, finance, and real estate. The goal of the session is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current economic situation in the US and to consider potential risks and opportunities for the future.

Throughout the session, we will be sure to consider different perspectives, including those of economists and businesses. We may also review recent economic data and forecasts, and analyze the potential impact of any recent news developments. What are the key indicators that flexspace operators should be looking at?  Is a rescession really headed our way. Join us to discuss.


January 17, 2023, CST
11:00 am CST