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January 31, 2023, CST @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm CST

Webinar: What is Foresight?

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What is foresight with Liz Elam and Andy Hines:

Foresight is the ability to anticipate or predict what will happen in the future. It is often used to refer to the ability to plan for the future, especially in a business or organizational context, by considering various possible scenarios and making decisions that will help achieve desired outcomes. Foresight can also refer to the ability to envision or imagine what the future could be like, whether in terms of technological, social, or other developments. The goal of foresight is often to identify and address potential challenges or opportunities that may arise in the future, and to make informed decisions that will help an individual, organization, or society thrive in the long term.

Andy Hines literally wrote the book on foresight. He is a professor at the University of Houston and runs the program. He is on a mission to proliferate foresight through creating as many change agents as possible. His latest victim you all know is Liz Elam. Andy will be sharing the basics of foresight and the Houston method. Liz will be sharing a case study on how climate change is affecting settlement patterns 15 years out and what that means for the coworking/real estate industry. We’ll also be taking your questions. Sign up today !


January 31, 2023, CST
11:30 am - 12:30 pm CST