Copass Camp San Francisco: A Californian Adventure + GCUC

By Liz Elam On April 9, 2015 In CoworkingCommunity


May 4-9. We’re headed to California. We’re doing GCUC USA.

We’re playing a trampoline dodgeball tournament.

We’re going whitewater rafting.

Are you with us?

After years of making friends and connecting to communities in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and further afield – we’re finally making it out there (and we mean far out, man): the Wild, Wild West.

Well, maybe not the Wild West of those old western movies (in fact, for the landscape we’d bet that our Fuerteventura Adventure is much closer!) but instead, the dramatic cliffs, beautiful beaches and scenic mountains of beautiful California.

Got that picture in your head yet? Here’s some music to put things in perspective.


GCUC (it’s pronounced juicy, and if you’re curious it stands for the Global Coworking Unconference Conference) is the world series of coworking get-togethers. Everybody knows it, it’s full of well-executed talks and big presentations, it’s privy to the hot topics of coworking and it’s full of fun people and events.


Originating out of Austin, Texas in 2011, it started at the tail-end of a cool startup called LooseCubes. The founder, Liz Elam, began it in honour of that all-American star Stephen Colbert, and since then it’s grown in size and in ambition!

Now, you’ll find GCUC Australia, and GCUC Canada – who knows where they’ll head next! In the meantime, you’ll find GCUC USA in the heart of Berkeley, California this May 6-8. We’re going to join them for three days of discussion around real estate, technology and the future of work, and barbecues and hiking and more!


The Camp

We’re staying right next door, and working with GCUC our goal is to provide a complimentary experience of fun in the sun, in beautiful accommodations at the heart of historic San Francisco.

While attending the conference, we’ll be exploring San Francisco through city tours, playing a trampoline dodgeball tournament, eating lots of great Haight-Ashbury food, partying and even whitewater rafting on the weekend!

Jitze Couperus San Francisco zoomed out a bit  Moving south, we can see the city with Park Presidio (tree-lined green strip along the bottom) connecting Golden Gate Park (which is still off to the right of this picture) with The Presidio which is the green area to the left. )

Even if you like the idea of the camp, but can’t come for the conference, you can come stay with us and participate. We’re open to everyone and anyone joining us and the community at the Red Victoria, the awesome co-living space where we’re staying.

If you want to come to GCUC, we are also working with Lyft and Uber to help provide some transport. However you want to do it, it can be done.

Ever wanted to explore San Francisco – without a big price tag?

Here’s your chance.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 16.27.50

The Options

Here’s what we can offer you! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 16.10.12

See you there! :D