Top 10 Reasons you should attend GCUC

By Liz Elam On April 6, 2015 In Coworking

10. The Unconference allows anyone to be a speaker!

What does that mean exactly? Well…exactly what it says. The coolest part of an unconference is the ability for every attendee to fully participate in engaging conversations with each other, rather than sitting in an auditorium being talked to for hours on end. No matter whether this is your first time coming to GCUC or you have been every year, the opportunity to engage and connect with your coworking peers is second to none!

9. Where else are you going to meet hundreds of other people into coworking?

The GCUC team can always tell who’s at their first coworking event, because the look on their faces is priceless! We often hear attendees exclaiming: “There are other people like me!” and it’s true! Too often are we stuck in the daily grind of managing our own spaces – this is an opportunity to meet owner/operators from all over the world!

8. You get to hear the story behind the word Coworking from the man that chose it.

Before 2005, the word “coworking” didn’t even exist. We wanted to find the origins of the word and were delighted by what we discovered. Brad Neuberg will share it with us Thursday morning!

7. Camp GCUC – an all day primer on opening a coworking space

New to coworking? In the process of opening your first space? Just want to learn more? Fear not! Camp GCUC is your one stop shop on all things Technology, Design, Real Estate and Branding!

6. Scavenger Hunt

What could be more fun than getting set up with “new friends” (we prefer that over the word strangers) and getting a chance to explore Berkeley on a crazy fun scavenger hunt? Just another way this isn’t your typical conference, but an Unconference!

5. 20×20 Dinners

Having attended our fair share of conferences all over the world, the GCUC team thought there had to be a better way to recommend and curate dining experiences for attendees! You’ll get a chance to check out a list of restaurants (all different shapes, sizes, price points and cuisine) where we’ve already made reservations. Find some friends and have at it!

4. S’mores. Need we say more?

What better way to kick off GCUC USA 2015 then with a Campfire on the first night! Thanks to our awesome friends at FreshBooks, we’ll have a cookout , camp games, a fire pit and of course, gooey,melty, yummy …S’MORES!

3. Coworking Tours – A Coworking Wonk’s Dream Come True

The GCUC team and COPASS have partnered up to put together some awesome coworking tours all over the Bay Area for Day Three. Make sure to pack your comfy walking shoes and get your camera out as we explore spaces on a few different, themed tours.

2. You’ll be the first to hear the results of the Coworking survey

What’s that you say? Show us the numbers? Ok, then! GCUC has partnered with our buddies at Emergent Research on a new survey all about the effectiveness of networking in coworking spaces. That’s right, in addition to all those great traditional coworking stats, we’re on a mission to prove without a doubt that “Accelerated Serendipity” exists!

1. Anyone that names a conference in an ode to Stephen Colbert must be able to put on a killer conference. #justsaying #GCUC