Fun Interior Design Tips from Coworking Spaces

By Karen Tucker On April 22, 2020 In Furniture SolutionDesign

Picture of someone working from home

Nowadays, working from home has become the new normal, but for coworking companies, there are ways to adapt to this environment.

In a previous blog post, Tabari Brannon from Mesh Cowork suggested exploring the option of renting out your furniture for people working from home. With that in mind, here are some inspirational coworking spaces that you can learn from, whether you’re restyling your home office or jazzing up your current coworking space:

Tip 1: It’s all about the lighting

When you look at most coworking spaces, the key to a well-designed space is often the lighting. Whether it’s natural light or artificial lighting, getting it right can be a huge challenge. With bleacher-style seating right next to floor-to-ceiling windows, Fosbury & Sons in Antwerp definitely hits the spot. They also have cool areas such as an alcove with a daybed to bask in the sun, as well as strategically placed industrial lighting on concrete columns. Warm lighting is a must, and it’s a lot more flattering than cooler shades if you’re on a video conference call.

Tip 2: Add a modern twist to tradition

When you envision a conference room, it’s usually your typical rectangular table with black or grey office chairs around it. For something more unique, get inspiration from Industrious’ Kansas City branch, which features a round table with chic burnt-orange velvet chairs instead. A round-table discussion promotes a more relaxed atmosphere during meetings, and a circular rug adds the perfect finishing touch. Their private offices also feature patterned rugs to boost your creativity, along with desk plants to make it feel like home.

Tip 3: Cozy nooks are a nice bonus

A recent trend that has swept the remote working industry is the rise of the multi-purpose space. A great example is the 9 ¾ bookshop in Colombia that also combines the functions of a cafe and a workspace. It has amazing hexagonal nooks with ladders and cushions to give guests some privacy and comfort to lounge around. Installing a reading nook in your coworking space or home office by the window is a great option, and don’t forget to add charging sockets and light sources for accessibility.

Tip 4: Work with natural and local materials

For sustainability’s sake, working with local materials can add some character and individuality to your workspace. Hubud in Bali is almost entirely made of bamboo, in line with the tropical surfer vibes of Indonesia. Bringing out aspects of local culture is a touch that both tourists and locals will appreciate, depending on where you’re situated. If you’re in the city, going for a more sophisticated upscale vibe is the way to go, whereas a coastal coworking spot can play with serene white walls and ocean-inspired decor.

No matter which way you look at it, interiors are something that can make or break your working space. Adjusting the position of furniture, changing up your layout, or adding finishing touches can make a huge difference in the atmospheric impact of your space.

This is a guest post provided by Karen Tucker