GCUC Mastermind: Best In Class Ecosystems

By Stormy McBride On October 9, 2020 In AmenityDesignCommunityGCUC WebinarsGCUC Mastermind

Photo of green office building

GCUC Mastermind is a virtual learning series focused on the accelerating nature of work and the humans driving it.

You need new skills and new information to thrive post COVID-19 and we are here to help. Over the course of four weeks we will focus on the following topics, diving deep on one each week. Marketing, Best in class ecosystems, the future and Finance. 

This week is focused on highlighting projects, places and spaces of those in the industry, building best in class ecosystems. 

In the first session we will hear from Sarah Travers, the CEO at Workbar. If their ecosystem is not on your radar it should be. We’re all hearing about rural and suburban and Workbar has created the most comprehensive regional network we’ve ever seen. They also have their own app that ties it all up with a pretty bow. When they’re not busy expanding, networking and creating community Workbar was the first coworking space in the WORLD to be WELL Certified. Join us for the story of their journey, as Liz  Elam interviews Sarah after her presentation. 

In the second session of the day you will hear from Dr. Aaron Ali  who runs a ground breaking ecosystem called Med to Market, a cutting edge shared workplace and lab for the medical industry. Ali  will show us the breakdown of workspace, clinical space and how they have integrated R&D before passing the mic over to…… Amy King of Goodwork. Amy is in the process of becoming a WELL Certified space and is already LEED certified. She not only operates a coworking space she also has artist suites, an airbnb, fitness studio, solar farm, pop-up retail and showroom! Amy is operating a future-focused workspace and she’s just getting started! 

Please join us free of charge, with the assistance of essensys this event is complimentary! 

Save your spot now, space is limited.