GCUC Mastermind: Best In Class Ecosystems Takeaways

By Stormy McBride On October 21, 2020 In TechCoworkingCommunityCoworking TrendsFuture of WorkReal EstateGCUC Mastermind

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We continued the GCUC Mastermind series last week with the Best In Class Ecosystems session. If you missed it, the replay is available on GCUC membership. We have two more sessions to go in the series so if you do not already have your ticket, you can snag one here. This week we looked into The Future with friends from – Vertical Leadership Consulting, roundPegz, theDesk, ValueFlex, essensys, Hana & JLL

Here are some juicy highlights from GCUC Mastermind – Best In Class Ecosystems:

After we have all survived, this is going to be a thrive situation as people come back in droves. They need the connection, they need to be around other humans, they’re sick of being home alone, they need to escape. –Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC Global

Workbar has the most interesting suburban model in the world and was the first coworking space in the world to be WELL certified. –Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC Global

We are shaping the future of work by enabling businesses and remote workers to achieve more; solving for remote work solutions that are not people’s home. –Sarah Travers, CEO at Workbar

Impact. Sustainability. Wellness. When you start with your coworking space, start with your values. We connect our values with the day to day execution of our business and operating plan. It is a way to stay true to who we are. –Amy King, Co-Founder at Goodwork Coworking

The sky’s the limit for coworking. We just have to make it through the next year. -Sarah Travers, CEO at Workbar

We have been focused on the hub & spoke model for almost 10 years. We really see a lot of value in the central hub but also out in the perimeter, in the suburbs. It has been our goal to put a Workbar within 20 minutes of where people live, work, and play. –Sarah Travers, CEO at Workbar

The medical field is a highly regulated community so those in the entrepreneurial world have a hard time taking their thoughts and ideas to market. That’s what MedtoMarket was all about: how can we help our clients, physicians, doctors, nurses, our entrepreneurs in the healthcare world get from a lightbulb above their head to a product on the market. –Dr. Aaron Ali, Co-Founder & CEO at MedtoMarket

A lot of our growth has been driven by our members. Years ago they said we love Workbar and we wish there was an innovative, productive space to work closer to where we live because we don’t want to have to go downtown every single day. That’s when the lightbulb really went off. –Sarah Travers, CEO at Workbar

There’s simple colors, the colors are just kind of gray and not really a whole lot to it. We kept it neutral so everyone can brand themselves. That way you can really see who is in these offices. -Dr. Aaron Ali, Co-Founder & CEO at MedtoMarket

We came together around a shared vision of a collaborative, creative space where you can incubate ideas and you’re doing the right thing for the planet. –Amy King, Co-Founder at Goodwork Coworking

Activity based neighborhoods – dynamic workspaces that have a good mix of enterprise suites and private offices with the majority of the space being open coworking neighborhoods. –Sarah Travers, CEO at Workbar

Members want something that is as safe as their home and as productive as their office. Neighborhood layouts allow members to be productive, however they anticipate working. –Sarah Travers, CEO at Workbar

Three things to consider: quality of air and water are no longer optional, source clean supplies and divert waste, take care of your people. Don’t forget that part of the wellness component is taking care of your people. –Amy King, Co-Founder at Goodwork Coworking

We like to support our local ecosystems. We don’t go into the community with brute force. We try to be very neighborhood centric and fit our locations with what is good for the community and how we can add value. –Sarah Travers, CEO at Workbar

It’s true I don’t create a lot of revenue per square foot for the lobby or bar. But what it does is after people do their coworking events or training events it’s packed to the hill. It allows people to distress which is a difficult thing for the medical community; always under a lot of stress. –Dr. Aaron Ali, Co-Founder & CEO at MedtoMarket

When I discovered coworking it was such a huge epiphany for me. I knew I could combine everything that was important to me: healthy work spaces, inclusion, community building and organizational development. I was hooked from that point forward. –Amy King, Co-Founder at Goodwork Coworking

As always, we want to give a big shout out to our partner who helped make GCUC Mastermind happen. GCUC Mastermind was brought to you in partnership with essensys. A BIG thank you to our sponsors at essensys, CoworkingConvos, allwork, Notadesk, and deskmag – GCUC would not be as juicy without you.

*Some quotes have been edited for length and clarity.