I’m so ready for the hustle culture to die.

By Stormy McBride On October 19, 2020 In CommunityCoworking Trends

Hustle Graphic

Let’s look at the definition:

hus·tle (Verb)

  1. force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.
    “they hustled him into the back of a horse-drawn wagon”
    obtain by forceful action or persuasion.
    “the brothers headed to New York to try and hustle a record deal”

hus·tle (Noun) 

  1. busy movement and activity.
    “the hustle and bustle of the big cities”
    a fraud or swindle.


What I get out of this is a lot of fast-paced movement and possible fraud. 

Sounds a lot like WeWork, the company that most overused this term while at the same time telling you to do what you love and then driving their own employees to burnout and pushing tequila.

I think if we learned anything from WeWork it’s that growth just for the sake of growth, with no regard for economics, doesn’t end well.

Why is hustle bad? 

Hustle asks us to drive ourselves at an unnatural pace. Hustle asks you to put your company before yourself. Hustle wants you to work long hours, drink lots of energy drinks (or sugary coffee drinks) and then work late fueled by alcohol or perhaps even some drugs.

Sound dramatic? Ask any 20 year-old if they’ve ever taken Adderall to get more things done or weed to relax.

I would like to exchange hustle for peace.

The definition of peace is, “freedom from disturbance; tranquility.” Doesn’t that sound better?

We are in the middle of a loneliness epidemic. We have a global crisis of depression. This pandemic gives us the opportunity to change the way we come back. It accelerates trends. What world do you want to live in? One that drives people to work to death? Work is the 5th leading cause of death.

What can you do? 

Leaders: Start with reading The Healthy Workplace Nudge, by Rex Miller. Get to know your people. Get to know their struggles. Don’t make unrealistic assumptions about abilities and for God’s sake, look at how you can support mental health in your organization.

Workers: Say NO to being overworked. If necessary ,vote with your feet and leave. Your life could depend on it. If you are your own boss,  join groups that can nurture and help you.

Hustle needs to die.