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The pandemic has truly accelerated the timeline of companies’ work from anywhere policies. The choice of workstation within the workplace structure is now in the hands of the employee and research shows they favor flexibility. Companies like Spotify, Netflix, Schneider Electric, Amazon, Google and SalesForce have already announced their departure from the corporate cubicle life and many smaller companies are following suit.

You may find yourself looking for a remote work destination for yourself or your team shortly if you have not already begun the hunt. If you do a quick google search one of two things will happen…

  1. You will be overwhelmed by the choices in your area or
  2. You won’t be able to find a suitable space near you.

Since this has been our wheelhouse for over a decade, we wanted to help. We put together GCUC Places, an international network of spaces to help you and your teams find not only a home space but access to a global community of others.

When you join a space in the GCUC Places network you unlock an entire global network of vetted spaces that you and your teams now get to utilize at a 20% discount.

  • This allows you to keep your overhead cost low and rely on the network for “satellite offices” when your employs travel (or take advantage of the WFA policy)
  • It enables them to find connection and collaboration outside of your HQ and their home office.
  • It gives them a place for camaraderie. 89% of coworking members report being happier.
  • It gets the access to events and upskilling you don’t have to provide.

In case that wasn’t enough to get you thinking about joining a space that can support you and your team… check this out.

  • 80% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part time post pandemic
  • 78% of company leaders agree that remote collaboration is here to stay
  • 65% want to be full-time remote employee post-pandemic
  • 31% want a hybrid remote work environment
  • 96% who desire some form of remote work
  • 81% say they would be more loyal to their employer if they had flexible work options
  • 35% – 40% of remote workers are more productive than their in-office counterparts
  • 51% of remote workers report being more productive when working remotely
  • 49% – 50% of working parents say they are more productive working from home
    *Data Source

Coworking and Flexible workspace provides space to meet, connect and collaborate with a community of people getting work done.

Don’t leave your employee home, alone or distracted. Join a space in the GCUC Places network to get connected today.

Here are just some of the amazing spaces already taking part in GCUC Places:

ACME Works
Toronto, Canada
Acme is a community with an indie coworking environment to help foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the city for growing businesses. They offer day rates on office and meeting rooms. Christine the owner does an amazing job of building and fostering a thriving community.

Albany, NY; Beacon, NY; Newburgh, NY, USA
BEAHIVE is a member-powered, creative workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, consultants, and microbusinesses. Where entrepreneurs, creatives and techies mix with nonprofit leaders, activists, and community organizers.

Santa Monica, CA; Culver City, CA; Long Beach, CA, USA
Blankspaces consists of 3 beautiful coworking spaces in southern California with exposed brick and lofty ceilings with tons of natural light streaming in through the skylights. Two phonebooths, three conference rooms, and plenty of seating options available. At BLANKSPACES, work FOR yourself, not BY yourself.

Boone Dog Office Spaces
Ontario, Canada
Centred in the downtown of Grimsby, Boone Dog Office Spaces offers affordable work solutions and serves as a home base for a variety of businesses including start-ups, consultants, artists, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. They are a hospitable, flexible, and productive Meeting Center & Coworking Space with a positive environment that helps their members grow their businesses and build rewarding and reciprocal relationships.

Richardson, Plano Legacy, North Dallas – Addison, Downtown, Ft. Worth, Uptown Dallas, East Plano, USA
With 6 locations across the Dallas area, CityCentral allows Texas entrepreneurs and professionals to work in an innovative, high-energy environment bound to meet all their needs and expectations.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
co.co.haus is a common work space for professionals, entrepreneurs, and go-getters in the heart of Santurce. They offer a variety of coworking and virtual offices, and will soon open an in house production studio!

The Corner Coworking
Cochrane, Canada
The Corner Coworking gets down to the basics by making the building of an amazing business community for their members the everyday goal.

Common Desk
Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, TX; Charlotte, NC, USA
Common Desk is a place for taking big risks and doing things that are a little off-kilter. Their members are bold, innovative, quirky, and welcoming. The space is eclectic, energetic, gritty, and just all-around fun. There is a perfect place for you in one of their 17 locations across the south in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Charlotte.

Creative Cubes
Richmond, Hawthorn, South Melbourne, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Cubes delivers space, fuel, wellness and access to our ecosystem to get people and their business buzzing + play a role in helping them go to the next level.

Creative Density
Lafayette, CO; Chicago, IL, USA
Creative Density is a coworking community full of energy with a healthy work/life balance. From Denver to Chicago, if you are a small team or a mobile professional tired of working from home or the coffee house, need a boost of creativity or energy, and a want to make your home a place for relaxation and friends then Creative Density is the place for you.

Dayhouse Coworking
Chicago, IL, USA
Dayhouse Coworking is a comfortable, creative workspace housed in a 1930s industrial building with exposed brick and beams.

Downtown Works
San Diego, CA; Carlsbad, CA, USA
Downtown Works facilitates connection with a vibrant community of motivated change-makers open to sharing resources and encouraging one another. Their full-service support staff, productivity-boosting amenities & industry-expert workshops keep members motivated; while diverse networking events foster collaboration.

East Room
Toronto, Canada
East Room is a membership based coworking space designed for a community that connects its members to a world beyond the four walls of business. East Room curates an experience through professional development programming, music and design born of a deep sense of hospitality and commitment to members. With an established space in Toronto and another on the way.

Denver, CO, USA
Enterprise is a collaborative environment, in Denver, designed to support one-man shops, 100-person companies, and everything in between.

Austin, TX, USA
Fibercove provides a full service coworking experience focused on productivity and connectivity for professionals in ATX. With fiber internet, private meeting rooms, standing desks, a stocked kitchen, and free parking, we minimize your workday friction so you can get working

FUSE Workspace
Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Prosper, TX, USA
FUSE is more than a place to work. It is a place to thrive with a community of entrepreneurial minded, community-oriented, hard-working people across the Austin, Dallas, and Houston areas.

Hub Australia
Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane AU
Hub Australia provides premium workspace solutions to help people love where they work. Located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

The Hub Newry
Newry, United Kingdom
The Hub Newry has blossomed into a network of spaces with its community at its heart and based on a sustainable and ethical working ethos. The Hub is now one of the leading coworking spaces in Northern Ireland offering desk hire, private office spaces, meeting room hire and virtual office facilities.

Hunt Street Station
Detroit, MI, USA
Hunt Street Station is anything but ordinary, and shares none of the qualities of a standard Michigan office space. Members enjoy a fresh perspective each time they enter the space and enjoy a list of amenities including: Free parking, 24/7 access, free coffee & tea, community fitness classes, yoga, printing, conference room access, mailing addresses, a renovated green space, a brand new 2nd-floor deck and much more!

Medford Cowork Collective
Medford, OR, USA
Medford Cowork Collective provides desks, private offices, fast internet, conference rooms with flexible membership plans and daily rates that fit your needs. With a unique conference room experience—it used to be a vault.

The Nest Coworking
Orange Park, FL, USA
The Nest Coworking is a like-minded and hardworking community who can accomplish anything they set their minds and hearts to simply by sharing resources and working together. The Nest Coworking, in Florida, is designed to help you chase your passion and SOAR to NEW HEIGHTS.

The Office Space In Town
London, Edinburgh, Cardiff , North hampton, UK
At Office Space in Town UK we offer serviced offices, conference rooms and virtual offices throughout the UK. Flexible fully serviced office to rent.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Spece provides upscale workplace environments that project a professional image for their clients while providing ultimate service and flexibility.

Union Worx
Dallas, TX, USA
Union Worx is a coworking space designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, creators, work from homers and anyone who wants to take their dream out of the spare bedroom into an energetic fun place to make it happen.

San Antonio, TX, USA
VenturePoint offers a flexible alternative to the long-term commitment of leasing office space that puts you and your business in a place you can adapt, thrive, and succeed. All of this without ever signing a lease!

Glen Falls, NY, USA
WorkSmart offers the necessary technology needed to effectively conduct your next meeting, training, or workshop and accommodates small and large group gatherings.

Workspace 365
Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia, USA
Workspace 365 has 17 spaces across Australia and was designed by an award winning architectural firm, and is edgy and vibrant. All their offices include a modern main reception, waiting area as well as a collaborative lounge and well stocked, premium kitchen facilities.

Tracy, CA, USA
WorkVine209 provides shared workspaces for entrepreneurs that contribute to expanding your company and provides the technological needs and space to be successful. A space where we start, we develop, we grow, we launch.

Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Workzones provides large coworking spaces with multiple seating options along with private offices, a conference room, training room and seven private meeting rooms and access to a thriving community of professionals.

Sydney AU
Work locally or virtually at Your Desk Town Hall.  Be productive in beautifully designed office spaces with big desks, plenty of meeting rooms and communal areas

Don’t leave your employee home, alone or distracted. Join a space in the GCUC Places network to get connected today.

Not seeing a space in an area you are interested in? Check out the constantly growing network. If you are looking for a space in a specific town and do not see it, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you locate one.

Got Questions? Check out our FAQ page. If they are not answered there, email us!