GCUC Podcast Recap: Christine Wyckoff

By Stormy McBride On May 6, 2024 In Real EstateGCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

In this episode of the GCUC podcast, Liz Elam and Christine Wyckoff, Director Enterprise Sales & Partnerships at Cushman & Wakefield dive into how Cushman & Wakefield are supporting flex offerings for their clients.

While chatting, Christine emphasized the importance of staying positive through all adversity while exploring the nuances between flexible work and coworking. Liz and Christine discussed how her role has evolved, her company’s tech strategy, and the value of being service-oriented.

In her role at Cushman & Wakefield, Christine helped others network internally to better understand flex and tap into the tools that were being built at her company.

“Our platform is service oriented, like an advisory position,” Christine said. “We are a high volume, fast moving group.” Currently, the company’s platform has evolved into places all around the world like London and Singapore.

“As flexible working has been evolving and where I believe it’s headed, it’s all about giving employees the right to choose to work somewhere to be successful.” – Christine Wackoff

Referencing the office market, Christine offers insight into the benefits of creating a strategy for companies. With many around the world struggling between in-person offices or remote work, “this is a tool to execute on that strategy,” she said.

Christine emphasizes how smaller, local companies with 50 locations or less are vital to the flex ecosystem. She reiterates that the more information and more data on utilization and trends, the more she’s able to inform others, “I’m an advocate of the industry.” She emphasizes this as an essential concept for the coworking industry to leverage commercial real estate insights.

Christine’s holistic approach to flex workspace emphasizes the importance of empowering employees with choice and flexibility, ultimately contributing to their success.

Tune in to this weeks GCUC Podcast episode to  catch more of Christine’s insights.  She delves into the ever-changing world of flexible workspaces and coworking, highlighting the rising importance of data and (for added fun) the juicy details behind broker relationships! We think you’ll be surprised by her candor and desire to help the coworking world.