GCUC Podcast Recap: Tim Hasse, General Provision

By Stormy McBride On April 30, 2024 In CommunityGCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

Dive into our GCUC podcast episode with Tim Hasse, Founder of General Provision.

In the world of coworking, Tim Hasse, founder of General Provision, shares his insights into the coworking landscape, community-driven spaces, and the future of work.

From the start, it’s evident that Tim’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community-driven spaces have been central to his success. Situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, General Provision serves as a pivotal hub in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering creativity and collaboration among startups, freelancers, and creatives.

During our conversation, Tim reflects on General Provision’s origins and its evolution into a vibrant community hub. After leaving the corporate world to create a tech company, Tim found himself needing an office and unceremoniously sharing it with others.

“That was the magical moment for me. I was instantly able to feel community and connectivity with people.”

Tim wanted to recreate this with his own facility, especially in the south-Florida area where it felt scarce.

At the core of General Provision lies the belief that coworking is about more than just shared office space. They also serve the community as a hospitality company, offering a local barista, craft beer, podcast booths, and more.

“Serving different clientele, we’re missional for making remote work sustainable and high-touch hospitality from a services standpoint.”

Tim emphasizes the importance of creating an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together to collaborate, innovate, and thrive.

“We knew that we could be outbuilt, outspent, we didn’t have the dollars to compete at the furniture or build out level. We knew we had the creativity and ingenuity to compete at the service level.”

Tim offers invaluable insights into the future of coworking, predicting a continued shift towards community-centric spaces that prioritize human connection and well-being. In an increasingly digital world, coworking hubs like General Provision serve as essential antidotes to isolation and fragmentation, offering a sense of belonging and purpose to all who enter their doors.

As Tim aptly puts it,

“The calling of building community is what brought me into this world, and what keeps me motivated continually.”

In a world where work can sometimes feel like a grind, Tim Hasse reminds us that coworking doesn’t have to be all business.

Listen to this episode of our GCUC podcast to learn more about Tim Hasse and General Provision!