Why did GCUC tickets go up in price?

By Liz Elam On February 20, 2017 In CoworkingConferenceGCUC 2017

Holding an event in the most populous city in America is expensive.  When we say expensive we mean really, really, really expensive.  Our cost went up almost 40% year over year just for the venue.  We also wanted to be in the heart of the city and that also drives up cost.  We did look hard at Industry in Brooklyn and BellWorks in New Jersey but we really didn’t feel like the neighborhoods could support our unique needs.

After battling it out with the needs of our last venue, we knew we needed to upgrade and find something that really “got” coworking and the kind of event we were going to host. We needed something all inclusive but still cool (read: not a hotel) and that is what we found with Convene’s state of the art, hipster chic event space right off of times square.  For us this venue means no AV headache, the caterer is vetted and is onsite, and the space is set up for event traffic.  For you this means that navigating the space will be easy, the food will be awesome and the snack bar will be free, unlimited and continuously stocked with espresso, soda, granola, water and other treats. It also means that ticket prices are going to be more expensive.

We understand that our community had a little sticker shock this year and we hear you.  We have lots of juicy promotions floating around and a great contest on Instagram.  We’re also working on a discounted ticket for people that can volunteer prior to the event, not at the event.  In addition to that there are also GCUC sponsors with extra tickets that  are planning some promotions. AND if you are bringing your whole crew…. we’ve got group rates just email [email protected].  If you’re into Coworking , we know you know how to hustle and we have confidence in you!  Can’t wait to see you in NYC and blow your hipster socks off.