How Co-Working Spaces Are Helping To Create True Sense Of Community And Why We Need It Right Now

By Liz Elam On August 7, 2019 In UncategorizedCoworkingCommunityFuture of WorkMental Health Awareness

Thanks for that Forbes. If you know us, then you know that combating the loneliness epidemic this has been something we have been preaching for years. Depression is at an all time high, our smart devices are connecting us digitally but driving us farther apart physically. 

Community is good for your health just like  this forbes article says . You know where you find community? In places where you feel a connection and synergy, a place where “your people” are. With the digital we’re losing the face to face interactions that used to happen because of the convenience factor. Being around other humans, moving your body, connecting, talking, seeing others point of view- all of those things contribute to not only your health but also your happiness. 

Forbes noted  “89% of survey respondents in a Harvard Business Review article saying they were happier since joining a co-working space. This is research we completed in partnership with Emergent Research we like to call it the Happiness Research. In that same set of research we noted that 78% of the people surveyed maintain their sanity through coworking and 80% turn to their coworkers for help or guidance.”

Not only is coworking making you healthier, more alert and happier, it is helping you problem solve and increasing your network. In a time when violence is escalating and we feel helpless let us remind you…that what we’re doing is important. We are connecting human every single day and our work matters. We are the part of a solution a community, human, happiness solution.